Human Resources

Human Resources

The single biggest controllable expense at your resort is labor. Furthermore, the ability to hire the right person for the right job, reduce turnover, and keep your staff motivated is critical to your resort’s ability to provide the best guest experience possible. The executive team at American Resort Management, LLC, ARM Hospitality, LLC and ARM Leisure has developed a “guestology” approach to the guest experience. Within this program are the written standards for hiring, training and retention. Developing well-trained, informed associates is not a philosophy; it is a way of life.


The executives at American Resort Management, LLC and its affiliates have received many major awards from various national franchises for outstanding guest satisfaction. Today’s term is now “guest experience”. The guest experience starts from the first perception a future guest receives before making the commitment to stay at your resort. The guest experience then never truly ends. The term “guestology” refers to an understanding that every decision made at any level has an effect on the “guest experience”. With that in mind, decisions must be carefully thought out to avoid being a deterrent to the ultimate “guest experience”.

American Resort Management, LLC and ARM Hospitality, LLC partners with companies that truly believe in providing the best positive guest experience possible. A guest who knows they are receiving good value for their money will typically spend on the higher end of average per capita spending.

Another component in the “guestology” approach involves human resources. To achieve the greatest “guest experience” possible interactive training with all associates takes place daily. Learning that teachable moments occur all the time, our management team corrects and motivates associates when the opportunity presents itself.

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