Making Food & Beverage improve your hotel’s bottom line

This prior rationale and its derived function did little to increase the bottom line for hotels, and often was responsible for losses as staffing and food costs were difficult to keep in check when balanced against availability and quality.
In today’s hotel market, F&B options should be viewed from two angles, on-site restaurant service and on-site catering and both need to place customer experience over simple availability.

On-site Restaurants

Brand has evolved over the past decade in every industry and the hotel-restaurant industry has followed this trend.  In today’s market, a restaurant, whether in an independent setting or placed within a hotel atmosphere, needs to have a life of its own that is distinguishable to the customer. This experience is the brand, and that brand can be positioned to the benefit of the hotel property.

The days of a hotel restaurant operating across all meal times and price ranges have disappeared.  Those properties that still operate F&B restaurant service with this dated business model experience numerous problems, all of which drag down profit and lessen the hotels reputation in its market.

Restaurants that have a life/brand of their own can serve as a lead into the hotel property.  A well-branded hotel restaurant concept can be marketed to a segment/niche independent of the hotel as well as the stay-in guests.  A well branded restaurant can bring in substantial revenue either in stand-alone business or as a part of upgraded room packages. When executed correctly, a successful restaurant concept with a personality and culture of its own adds bottom line dollars to the overall operation.

To build a great hotel restaurant brand one needs to look to that same aspects that build a great independent restaurant brand: Concept, staffing/training, and customer experience. These elements as they relate to a hotel operator and the core competencies a hotelier may call for the need of a management team with experience specific to restaurants.

The management team should be able to use hotel market reports to properly choose among the many restaurant concepts available to a hotel.  The management team will likely have experience in similar markets and with similar hotel properties to help guide the hotel owner toward the most successful choice.  Additionally, the management team will be able to provide input– if not outright management– of hiring processes and subsequent training initiatives to execute the concept to the highest degree.

These nuances merge to develop a notable customer experience with can be marketed and maximized for profit.

On-site Catering

On-site catering can substantially impact a hotel’s bottom line. Not only can on-site catering provide revenue from sales directly related to an event but on-site catering and banquet facilities can also drive 40-50% of room occupancy in some cases.

The experience of the customer is, again, paramount in the success of catering services which bolster overall hotel revenues. The elements of service, food quality and the overall design of facilities make or break the impression.  Customers purchasing the services, as well as the numbers of attendees at various events then gain an awareness of the hotel and other related amenities offered at the location.

On-site catering and the conference/event services offered by a hotel have the potential of impacting the customer base more drastically than with other typical hotel amenities. With correct management from a savvy team, these elements surrounding and comprising on-site catering and conference/event services can drive marketing efforts and fulfill other revenue goals in relation to room occupancy and even room rate.

A good customer experience along the lines of service, food quality and design will lead to future business.


Food and beverage and/or conference center service can drastically increase the bottom line of a hotel creating additional opportunities to market and seize business along complementing business lines.

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