Modern Hospitality means something different to all of us. Advancements across the industry mean we must evolve with our guests, driving us to consistently be our best. However, there are certain aspects of Hospitality that must remain concrete, without which our efforts would seem miniscule, and our revenues would surely follow.

Hospitality is defined by Merriam Webster as, “generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests.” While we hold dear our own definitions building on these words, hospitality, at its very core, comes down to generous and friendly treatment.

A smile, a hello, and a proactive effort to ensure a guest never has to ask for anything are the truest values of hospitality—the basics. This means treating every guest like royalty, and going above and beyond their needs and expectations. Every effort, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant, paints a lasting image of your business to every guest. No industry better rewards a positive culmination of those efforts than the Hospitality Industry. By pushing these efforts in our standard operating procedures and hiring likeminded associates, we become not only a positive force in the industry, but also in the communities we serve.

Hospitality is an art in motion. While many aspects of the industry continue to evolve, staying true to the core meaning of the word that defines our industry will remain the factor that helps us continue to thrive.