Launching a waterpark takes a group of like-minded thinkers, significant research, and an extraordinary amount of planning. One of the biggest challenges of any waterpark, especially indoor waterparks, is creating an experience that encourages guests to stay longer. The slide and attractions packages play major roles in that, but it’s important to remember that guests only have a tolerance to be wet for so long.

A common issue in many facilities is that during planning, the areas they need may be, at best, “worked in” to the blueprints. When a facility does this, it is significantly less likely to reach its full potential. This is because these guest-friendly spaces—your bars, food outlets, gift shops, arcades, party rooms, and cabanas, not only encourage your guests to stay longer, but they also generate the highest profitability per square foot in the waterpark. By prioritizing these areas and making them attractive, inviting, and easily accessible, you will have fostered an environment that will allow guests to enjoy your waterpark all day long.

Waterparks are destinations for families, and planning the programming and layout of the facilities is one of the most crucial steps in the process. American Resort Management has vast experience with planning, managing, and operating indoor and outdoor waterparks nationwide, and putting the pieces in place to keep guests entertained all day long. We’ve worked with both the public and private sectors to bring nationally acclaimed family fun to numerous communities. Will yours be next?