Establishing a brand is one of the most critical steps in developing any business, perhaps none moreso than Hospitality. Modern brands are so much more than just colors, fonts, and logos. They are an embodiment of everything your property represents. Building a brand means building connections between everything your property embodies and a series of feelings and emotions. Without good branding, properties fail to reach their potential and quite possibly can fail altogether.

In Hospitality, our brands are always inviting, often playful, exciting, and elegant, as well. In establishing your brand, take time to triple check the details, and make sure every font, color, and shape feels welcoming and puts out your message in the best way possible. And once these details are in place, consistency is key. Every brochure, pamphlet, banner, advertisement, and rack card must share these details and properly communicate them to potential guests.

Branding doesn’t stop at visual appeal, though. Oftentimes in Hospitality, our guest service embodies the spirit of the brand, as well. When hiring and training new associates, it is crucial to emphasize these practices. Whether it’s consistently saying hello to guests walking in the doors, maintaining a friendly smile, or contributing to a theme (aloha!), all of these affect how guests relate their emotions to the brand. Go over the top!

Significant thought and planning go into every brand, and even more significant effort goes into fortifying and maintaining them. Every sight, smell, and sound associated with your property plays a role in how guests form their opinions about your brand. Empower your brand, and it will help your property stand apart from the competition and keep guests excited about the next time they visit.