Sales and Marketing



Sales and Marketing

Our targeted, site-specific sales and marketing programs are central to building a strong base of revenue at each property we manage. We implement individualized sales and marketing strategies at each property, which are closely monitored by our Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Our direct sales effort is designed to optimize performance, and is conducted in unison with a detailed advertising and marketing plan, including the use of cutting-edge digital applications to targeted audiences. All efforts are monitored and adjusted as needed to ensure a positive return on investment, which include the following steps:


A Comprehensive Marketplace Analysis is completed, to include:

  • Identification of Target Markets
  • Competition Analysis
  • Staffing Recommendations
  • Identification of Opportunities

Sales Staff Hiring & Training

An immediate priority is the hiring and initial sales training for the sales department, to include:

  • Recruitment and hiring of qualified, experienced sales personnel
  • Initial sales training for all sales personnel
  • Establishment and implementation of sales processes and procedures

Sales & Marketing Plan

A comprehensive Sales & Marketing Plan is completed, to include:

  • Target Markets: The identification of Target Audiences, Feeder Markets, Demographics, and Competitive Comparisons.
  • Marketplace Analysis: The identification of demand generators and complete review and analysis of all socio-economic factors that will impact the property.
  • Competition Analysis: Comprehensive SWOT analysis of all competitors, to include the identification of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, as well as the identification of current business generators.
  • Price Positioning: Research of competitive pricing and development of price positioning strategies and pricing.
  • Targeted Key Accounts & Sales Strategies: Development of targeted key account list, as well as overall sales strategies that include details sales action plans by month for each member of the sales and marketing team.
  • Sales Production Goals & Sales Action Plans: Development of specific sales production goals and sales action plans, to include detailed action steps by month for each member of the sales and marketing team.
  • Advertising Plan & Budget: Development of a detailed advertising plan and budget to effectively reach all target markets through a variety of channels, including e-marketing that includes website design, search engine optimization, and effective digital media campaigns.
  • Marketing & PR Strategies: Development of targeted marketing and public relations strategies, by department, including effective use of Social Media and Online Reputation Management.

Sales Implementation & Monitoring

Once implemented, all sales & marketing strategies are then monitored on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Sales Action Plans: All targeted sales action plans are implemented and the progress of the sales team monitored to ensure that the action plans are achieving the desired results, and if necessary, modified.
  • Account Development: An immediate emphasis will be placed on the identification, solicitation and securing of accounts and groups to build base business.
  • Marketing & PR Strategies: All marketing and public relations strategies developed are implemented and progress and results monitored to ensure the desired effects are achieved, and if necessary, adjusted.

Sales & Marketing Management & Support

Once development, implementation and stabilization occurs, continuing sales and marketing support is provided, ongoing sales & marketing efforts are monitored and direction is provided, as follows:

Site Inspections / Monitoring – Regular site visits include the completion of a property sales audit and review, as well as additional sales training, as needed.

Sales & Marketing Monitoring – ARM will review and report upon the results of all sales and marketing programs on a monthly basis to ensure that all programs and initiatives are properly implemented and maintained. Specific areas of review will include:

  • Review of Pricing Strategies, including Revenue Management
  • Review of Account Development & Maintenance
  • Review of Sales Action Plans and Results
  • Review and Development of 90-Day Sales Action Plans
  • Review of Targeted Accounts and Results
  • Review of Sales & Marketing Plan Implementation & Results
  • Review of Advertising Plan and ROI Results
  • Review of Marketing & PR Strategy Implementations & Results